Ministry Haven exists to help pastors and missionaries overcome the hurts and difficulties of ministry so they can fulfill their calling.

ha·ven  nA place of refuge or rest.

ref·uge  n.  A source of help, relief, or comfort in times of trouble.

Ministry Haven is a place of refuge and rest for ministers and missionaries.  We are a source of help, relief and comfort for those in ministry in their times of trouble.

Ministry Haven is a place of rest.  Too many ministry families are worn out from the constant work of ministry.  Jesus commanded His disciples to “come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while.” (Mark 6:31).  Ministry Haven is such a place.

If you are a minister or missionary in need of a quiet, secluded place to get away and rest a while, give us a call.
There is no charge for staying with us.

 Jesus said, “Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while.”-Mark 6:31

A Beautiful, Secluded Location

Located in the mountains of Southwest Colorado, Ministry Haven is a secluded, peaceful place to relax, refocus and reconnect with your family and with the Lord.

  • Reasonable Family-Friendly rates  (No charge for guests in full-time ministry)
  • Free of schedules
  • Free of distractions
  • Free to be with the Lord, your wife, your family
  • Free to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation that is Western Colorado

How can we offer our ministry guests to stay with us at no charge? We are funded by the generous donations of individuals and churches who value you and understand the vital need for rest in the life of the Lord’s servants.

Book your stay today!
Our season runs from April 15th through October 15th

To make reservations or for more information call (970) 327-4380 between 9am and 8pm Mountain time
or email us at info@MinistryHaven.com

Ministry Haven is a ministry of Families For Christ Ministries a religious 501(c)3
non-profit corporation