Rest, Refocus, Reconnect

Ministry Haven is a place for those in Christian ministry to relax, refocus, and reconnect.
For those currently in pastoral or missionary ministry, or those in transition between ministries, we invite you to stay with us for free.

The Lord Jesus often took time away from ministry to be renewed. He also told His disciples to do the same. Jesus said, “Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while.” (Mark 6:31)

Located in the Rocky Mountains of Southwest Colorado, Ministry Haven is a quiet, secluded place to rest, relax and be renewed.

Featured Posts


Taking the Name of the Lord In Vain

“You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.” When most people read these words the thing that comes to mind is using the name of the Lord as a cuss word. Misusing the Lord’s name is certainly part of what this commandment is about, but I believe it goes beyond […]


What’s Around The Corner?

It was a beautiful Monday in western Colorado. A fantastic group of bikers were staying with us at Ministry Haven. They had just finished attending the 30th annual International Serenity Run and were staying with us on their way back to Phoenix, AZ. The International Serenity Run is a clean & sober motorcycle run hosted […]


The Greatest

It was the greatest baseball game I had ever seen. The Rockies scored 10 runs in the third with three homeruns and a triple in that one inning! The Rockies ended up hitting 5 homeruns as they went on to beat the Cincinnati Reds 17 to 7. I noticed that this week, after that exciting […]



I recently read a book titled, Why Pastors Quit. It is written by Bo Lane. Bo and I have a lot in common. While we are both still involved in ministry we are both former church pastors (ExPastors), writers, filmmakers, and bloggers. We both have a passion for ministering to pastors and their families. Bo’s […]


Pastor’s Pulse Coming Soon

Coming soon, a new blog for ministry families, about ministry families, and by ministry families. It’s called “Pastor’s Pulse.” Pastor’s Pulse will be a combination of written blog posts and audio podcasts (and an occasional video) where I’ll interview pastors and their families about their experiences as ministry families. Check out the cover art for […]

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